Our respect towards traditional cooking is our guarantee for quality, together with ‘General’ Mihalis who successfuly delivers the continuation of long family traditions and the name Kannas, a 70 year old guarantee for excellent food in Kalamata. «Fish and Pasta Kannas» a fruitful amalgamation of Mihalis and chef Maria Kannas. Mihalis is your host, maitre and sommelier and Maria guarantees the absolute highest quality of your dining experience.

Why should i go?

It is a rare kind of experience that will always remain with you. It has a broad and diverse menu that can transform your culinary desires into reality regardless of how sofisticated they are. Because the Marina landscape allows you to enjoy the sea and the beautiful sailing boats. Because you have to go!

Whom will i meet there?

People of all ages and professions in search of a unique lucullean experience.

Decor and Menu

The artistic decor tastefully caters to every single detail. Ofcourse we pay the exact same attention to our menu. The dishes created by our talented chef Maria Kannas are distinctive, lively and of the highest quality. The yeast-free bread, the local ‘sfela’ cheese served grilled over bruschetta, grilled mushrooms, the beef carpacio over bruschetta are just a fraction of our offerings that will keep you coming for more. We do of course offer quality choices of excellent and always fresh Messinian gulf fish, live lobster, seafood varieties as well as great options from the land such as t-bone steaks, fillet with green peppers etc. Our menu also offers specialties such as lobster pasta, linguini with scallops, spaghetti with crabmeat, seafood spaghetti. Further on we offer rizotto with asparagus and black truffle, schrimp, crabmeat, seafood or vegetables and mushrooms. We do realize that all of this makes choices really tough but we believe in options.


All of our desserts are house made and absolutely delicious; to boot: panacota, creme brulee, ekmek kadayif with ice-cream and chocolate pie with ice-cream.


Mihalis being a wine producer himself has put together an excelent selection of wine offerings such as: Magic Mountain Lazaridi, Estate Syrah Gerovasiliou, Vivlia Hora, Chateau Lafite and many more.

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